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Mobile Mandarin

Mobile learning (M-Learning) is defined as "any sort of learning that happens when the learner is at a mobile location, or learning through mobile technologies."

Our mobile content allows user to have a better learning engagement. Through visual (images provide strong memory anchors) and voice over (VO), learner may visualize, listen and imitate the pronunciation. Learner can choose to replay the VO to enhance their understanding level. Through replay the interesting animated content it reinforces the understanding level of the learner and achieves long-term retention (memory). More over, the interactive self-evaluation assessment simulates the real world communication.

M-Learning reduces the limitation of learning location with the mobile devices. Convenience brings higher motivation of learning as compare to the learning from books.

Practical Mandarin

The Practical Mandarin provides a thematic content with practical sentences which everyone uses in daily life. The Practical Mandarin provides a thematic content with practical sentences which everyone uses in daily life. Each lesson will animate and play voice over while reading each sentence to enable the learners to imitate and understand. Other components such as Practice and Mini game are meant to reinforce their learning process.

Vocab Builder

The Vocabulary Builder provides the learners thematic vocabularies. Learners will learn the vocabularies through pictorial description and voice over. A few fun reinforcement activities are included to test on their memorisation of the vocabularies. Game based practices are included to inspire the learning process.


The Pictogram introduces how the Chinese character is formed. Animated story of the character will surely attract the audience to know more. The Pictogram not only shows the transformation of the word, it also provides learner with character related phrases, including idioms. The steps of writing that particular Chinese character will also be animated to the learners.

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